Benefits that feature your business success

Benefits that feature your business success

Experienced in connecting the inaccessible, we offer a long range of proven technology solutions that match people's behaviour.

Via direct conversions to certain contact moments. Get inspired and envision how this can improve your company's business.


No More Cold calling canvas

No More Cold Calling

Forget about tedious cold-calling and strict gatekeepers. Auto-generate leads and guide users to relevant information. Get deals closed easier.

Use your best-in-class business rules. Create and use insight generated from interactive flows and business analysis.

Put your business intelligence to work.


Automate your inbound aquisitions

This lead qualifying feature will offer superior conversion tracking and steers visitors through your business approved way of pre-sales canvassing.


Direct Remarketing

rSVP your clients with a timely offer

Start personal remarketing campaigns with person specific service offerings. Send out targeted invites as a follow-up or just to fill-up seasonal slow periods


Remind clients to come again

Add more persuasion power to your re-connectivity solutions.

This powerful direct remarketing feature enables you to retarget clients. Offer your clients a re-connection opportunity, within the borders set by you.

Never miss a loyalty window and keep confirming your high level of service.


Auto Focus Recruiter

Auto-Focus Recruitment

Enable qualified crew members to sign up for an upcoming professional event.

The event manager draws up a skillset on which only the qualified resources are automatically invited.

A powerful planning extension developed for and used by motivated staff professionals.

recruiting and auto staffing


On-demand recruitment planner

Organise your event staff, easily. Set required skill level and auto invite